The Royal Twins of Monaco:  Is Planetary Heredity Predestined?


Planetary Heredity Tabla Rasa

The Royal Twins Are Born

The Parents:  Rectification of the Mother's Horoscope

The Parents:  The Mother

The Parents:  The Father

The Calling of the Blood



The question of heredity has been important to astrologers since Kepler wrote:  "There is one perfectly clear argument beyond all others of the authenticity of astrology:  this is the common horoscopic relation between parents and children."  Michel Gauquelin quoting from Kepler's Harmonices Mundi.  (Planetary Heredity, Gauquelin, p. 41.)


The brilliant psychologist, statistician and self-entitled neo-astrologer, Dr. Michel Gauquelin, revolutionized the world of astrology with his excellent scholarship and original theories, the most famous of which is nicknamed the "Mars Effect."  This is the theory that culminating planets have a statistical correlation with certain professions:  The Moon indicates writers; Mars, athletes; Jupiter, politicians; and Saturn indicates scientists.  Regrettably, all of the attention focused on the "Mars Effect" detracted from other important aspects of his work, one of which is the subject of this article:  planetary heredity.  This concept is invaluable in field work, for often, key issues in difficult horoscopes are best understood in the context of planetary heredity.  Indeed, as an advocate for Yod Bearers, planetary heredity is an important consideration for me, as there is usually another Yod Bearer close by in the immediate family who affects my client on a profound level.


Planetary Heredity Tabla Rasa


I believe that Dr. Gauquelin was just as interested in planetary heredity as he was in the "Mars Effect."  He discusses it in his books over and over again, as he had a serious concern about artificial birth procedures, or, the "mechanization" of birth (Birth Times, p. 174).  In his book, Birth Times, Gauquelin makes the argument that the fetus chooses the time of onset of labor, assisted by certain "midwife" planets. He also claimed to have statistical proof that artificial manipulation of labor and delivery wiped out planetary heredity, like a planetary tabla rasa.  He may have a point, for there was a 53% spike in Cesarean births in the United States alone between the years 1996 to 2007, so perhaps his concern was justified.[1] 


As an ambitious double Yod Bearer, Michel Gauquelin was a hard-nosed, fact-driven scientist, and an original thinker, but he did not consider any exceptions to the planetary heredity tabla rasa theory, at least not in his books.  In most cases, if the situation is urgent enough to require surgical intervention, and a C-section is medically necessary, it is seems reasonable that the natural birth would likely have occurred very close by in time.  Is it possible that, in the dire circumstance of an emergency Cesarean, when birth without intervention would likely result in death for the fetus (and possibly the Mother, too), that certain elements of planetary heredity could be preserved?  With all honor and respect to the great astrology pioneer, Dr. Michel Gauquelin, I would like to offer a brief study that, in certain cases, it is possible that planetary heredity is preserved despite artificial intervention with the birth process.  The December 10, 2014 birth of the Royal Twins of Monaco is a fascinating example supporting this proposition for the reasons set forth in this study.



The Royal Twins Are Born


On December 10, 2014, Gabriella Thérèse Marie was born by Cesarean-section at 5:04 p.m. in Monte Carlo and her brother, Jacques Honoré Rainier, was born two minutes later at 5:06 p.m. to Princess Charlene and Prince Albert.  The study of twins is fascinating for astrologers.  There are five other types of twins besides the most common, identical and fraternal, but about two-thirds of all twin births are fraternal.  As fraternal Twins, Gabriella and Jacques do not share the same genetic material, but they share a horoscope and will have the benefit of sharing the male and female perspective.  (For an interesting article on how twins can share a horoscope, please visit Dr. Z's website listed in the sources at the end of this story.)


Royal twins are uncommon.  These two are even more so, because they are male and female, like a cosmic reverberation of the male/female twins born to Antony and Cleopatra.  This is a great learning opportunity of the highest order.  Indeed, there is a strong spiritual component to the Twins' horoscope, because there is a magnificent fire Grand Trine from the Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius to the Moon in Leo to Uranus in Aries.  This is a great gift to the children, especially Jacques, for he will eventually bear most of the weight of the monarchy and the duty to continue the bloodline.  Revolutionary Uranus in pioneer sign Aries trine the Sun in philosophical Sagittarius trine the Moon in the Royal sign, Leo is a configuration fit for a king (or queen), but the intense desire for freedom it brings is likely to cause perpetual frustration because the two Twins will live in the restrictive environment required by royal protocol.  Their late Grandmother, Princess Grace, very likely experienced this frustration, but found an outlet in being a mother.  It will be interesting to see how the Twins cope with this challenge.  They both have Mars in the ninth house, just like their Mother.  This is the "Mars Effect" for athletes, so it could be that sports and physical activity will be an outlet for them, although they will probably not be able to compete professionally like their Mother.  There are many examples of planetary heredity between the Twins and their Mother besides their Mars positions, including the Grand Trine.  Princess Charlene has a challenging horoscope with an uncertain birth time requiring rectification.





The Parents:  Rectification of the Mother's Horoscope


Charlene Lynette Wittstock is a statuesque 5'10" beauty from South Africa who was a teacher and Olympic athlete prior to meeting Prince Albert.  They met in 2000 when Charlene won an international swimming contest held in Monaco.  Theirs was a lengthy, decade-long courtship.  In 2007, Charlene gave up competitive swimming and moved to Monaco.  When she converted to Roman Catholicism, learned French and the local Monégasque dialect, hopes were high that renowned playboy, Prince Albert, had finally found a wife.  On June 23, 2010 the couple announced their engagement.  Their wedding on July 1, 2011 was watched by millions all over the world, and the announcement of an heir was eagerly awaited.


This would not occur for more than three years, and probably for a good reason.  As a champion athlete and professional competitor for eleven years, it is highly likely that the Princess may have suffered from amenorrhea, or suppression of the menstrual cycle due to intense physical training.  She was a professional athlete for more than a decade, which would require constant, intense, athletic training.  I believe that it is also probable that she had a difficult pregnancy, based on her obvious discomfort in photographs of her few public appearances. The old saw, "big as a house" comes to mind.  No doubt, Princess Charlene's athletic training helped her get through the pregnancy.  She is a brave and strong woman who made it to the finish line of what was likely a very difficult pregnancy and dangerous delivery, with the possibility of all three lives having been in danger.  There is circumstantial evidence for this.  On December 17, 2014, in her first interview with Paris Match after the birth of her Twins, Princess Charlene stated that the babies were two weeks' premature.  On the date of her first interview, all three were still in the hospital.  It was almost two weeks before the first photographs were published of the exquisite new babies (on December 23, 2014), and their first public appearance did not occur until January 7, 2015 at nearly one-month old.  These two babies are very lucky to have such a strong and beautiful Mother (who was also born prematurely).  There are many parallels of planetary heredity in the horoscopes of Mother and children.  What does Princess Charlene's horoscope say?



Charlene Lynette Wittstock was born on January 25, 1978 in Bulawayo, South Africa, however, the time of her birth is unknown and, therefore, her horoscope must be rectified.  After careful study, the time of 0:52 a.m. was chosen for the following reasons:


1.         The "Mars Effect":  At 0:52 a.m. on 1/25/78, Retrograde Mars is at zero-degrees Leo in the ninth house, the position that statistically favors athletes.  Princess Charlene is a retired Olympic-class athlete.


2.         At 0:52 a.m. on 1/25/78, the Moon is one degree from the MC, a position that, according to Ptolemy, favors the birth of twins:  "And, should the position of the heavens be arranged so that the angle of the mid-heaven, and not that of the ascendant, may be connected with the luminaries, there will, in that case, be produced, almost always, twins; and sometimes even more."  Tetrabiblios, p. 84.


3.         At 0:52 a.m. on Princess Charlene's civil wedding date, July 1, 2011, Gemini Mars is in the seventh house; Prince Albert's Rising Sign, or Ascendant, is Gemini.  The Moon is just waxing (growing in light), only four degrees from the Sun, both in Cancer, sign of the home and family, both in the eighth house of death, inheritance, taxes and other people's money:  This has multiple symbolism for Charlene, including the death of her private life; the end of her personal freedom; and the considerable fortune she will share with her husband.  Venus also occurs in the eighth house, in Albert's Rising Sign, Gemini, so her Venus and Mars are working together in Albert's favor.  (The couple married again on July 2, 2011 in a religious ceremony.)


4.         Transits to Charlene's 0:52 a.m. natal chart on 12/10 2014, the Twin's birthday, reflect conditions surrounding the birth:  Transiting Chiron in Pisces, the planetoid of suffering, is just entering the fifth house of children; and Transiting Uranus, which is situated at the apex of the Twins' fire Grand Trine, is also in the fifth house.  Charlene's TR North Node (symbolizing possible intervention by fate) is one degree from the twelfth house, which represents conditions immediately prior to birth; and natal Pluto is two degrees from the twelfth house cusp, symbolizing the urgent life-or-death predicament.  Life won!


The Parents:  The Mother


There are at least nine correspondences of planetary heredity between Princess Charlene and her children.  All three have Aquarius and Leo on their MC/Nadir access (only reversed), and Nodes in the same sign.  All three have Mars in the 9th house, with the Mother's Leo Mars in the sign opposite the children's Aquarius Mars (guess Daddy is going to have to be the disciplinarian in this family because these kids are going to try to test their Mom to her limits!).  Charlene, Gabriella and Jacques all have many Leo points:  all three have the Moon in Leo; Mom has Saturn in Leo, and the children have Jupiter in Leo.  Both Mother and children have group aspects involving the Sun, Moon and Uranus - Charlene has a Uranus T-Square to the Sun opposing the Moon; the children have a Grand Trine involving the Sun, Moon and Uranus.  Finally, all three have conjunctions with fixed star, Vega (Mercury for the Mother and Pluto for the children).  It seems as though there is a higher power is at work. 


The Soul Choice House perspective is fascinating.  The Mother's Aries South Node in her fifth house of children and the Soul Choice House of Choosing The Path is in the opposite sign of the childrens' North Node in Libra (in their fifth house) - it as though the children are giving the Mother a huge karmic boost from the relationship.  The ninth house, the Soul Choice House of Finding the Path has another correspondence, as both Mother and children have Mars there, again, in opposite signs.  This is an indication that the children may have chosen to inherit their Mother's athletic ability, however, the Moon is opposing Mars in the Twins' horoscope, so they may not be able to exercise it freely.  For example, they will probably not be permitted to compete professionally, like their champion Mom.  Travel will be an option, so they may fulfill this Soul Choice by seeing the world.  When it comes to the twelfth Soul Choice House of Walking the Path, the paths for Mother and children are very different, for the children were born royal.  The key is Venus, the planet that rules the twelfth house for both Mother and children.  Marriage is the most critical event in the lives of these three people, especially Jacques, who will be expected to produce an heir.  After all, continuation of this ancient bloodline is very important to the family.  Venus is located in the Twins' seventh house of marriage and partnership, a good sign that they will be fortunate to marry for love.  Will we see a December marriage in a couple of decades?  The Sun transiting the Twins' seventh house could be an influence for a December marriage.



The Parents:  The Father


Prince Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre was born on March 14, 1958 at 10:50 a.m. in Monaco to Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace Kelly.  His bloodline goes back to 1133 and the Crusades.  The family progenitor was Otto Canella, a Consul of Genoa.  Otto's youngest son, Grimaldo, was elected Consul three times and became an influential politician in Genoa.  Grimaldo's son, Oberto, who was born in 1188, first started using "Grimaldi" as the family name, a tradition that continues to the present time. 


Prince Albert has a difficult horoscope.  Both of his parents had Yods, and he inherited a double Yod from them.  For readers unfamiliar with this configuration, it is an Isoceles triangle from two planets sextile each other (the "Legs" of the Yod) and inconjunct (quincunx, or 150-degrees) a third, fulcrum planet called the "Foot" of the Yod.  The Yod is the tenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet and the first letter in the holy name of G*d.  It is sometimes referred to as the "Finger of Fate," of the "Eye of G*d."  Yods can be very hard to handle and are almost always painful.  Having a Yod is like being on a permanent rollercoaster ride.  The Yod puts intense pressure on the Yod Bearer, and there is a sense of alienation due to the feeling that there is extra scrutiny on the soul's progress, and an important mission to accomplish (the Special Purpose).  Prince Albert's Mother had a dangerous Yod from Scorpio Mercury to Retrograde Gemini Jupiter and Retrograde Aries Uranus.  Prince Albert's Father had an interlocking double Yod from Retrograde Libra Saturn to Taurus Venus and Pisces Uranus; and Pisces Uranus to Retrograde Libra Saturn and Leo Neptune.  Prince Rainier III must have suffered terribly from the heart-shattering loss of his beloved spouse.  He never remarried.  Prince Albert was very close to his devoted Mother, and, he too, surely had a difficult time coping with the overwhelming sense of loss after she was gone.  Love is beautiful, but it is a double-edged sword of joy and pain.


Like his Father, Prince Albert also has a double Yod, and shares a Mercury Yod with his Mother.  Albert has an Aries Mercury Yod to Retrograde Scorpio Neptune and Retrograde Virgo Pluto; and a Retrograde Pluto Yod to the Sun in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn.  This is a lot to bear, and he has not had an easy life.  His Father's expectations would be a permanent challenge for him and the untimely loss of his dear Mother unbearably painful.  It is too bad that neither parent lived to see his glorious wedding day, although it is likely that Rainier had an opportunity to meet his future daughter-in-law.  Prince Rainier lived until 2005, five years after his son met Charlene, giving him ample time to get to know his future daughter-in-law.  Perhaps, at last, Albert did something that pleased his Father! 


Prince Albert is a sensitive man with many burdens.  Besides his double Yod, he also has a painful Neptune T-Square to Uranus opposing Venus.  Love has been a long and rocky road for him and finding the right spouse must have been quite a trial.  Patience bears fruit and he found a beautiful, self-directed woman who seems to be perfect for him.  His Aquarius Venus finds her Aquarius Sun and Venus irresistible.  Sparks fly between his Leo Uranus and her Moon/Mars/Saturn Leo.  Her Scorpio Ascendant echoes his famous Mother's Ascendant.  Charlene's Scorpio Uranus, which is in its exaltation, powerfully attracts Albert's Scorpio Jupiter, NN and Neptune.  Scorpio is an important sign in this royal family and all four family members have strong Scorpio points (the children have Saturn in Scorpio).  Interestingly, both Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace had the Scorpio factor:  The Prince had Jupiter in Scorpio; and Princess Grace had the Sun, Mercury, Mars, the SN and the Ascendant in Scorpio.


The correspondences of planetary heredity between Prince Albert and his children are dramatic and undeniable.  The cardinal points of Prince Albert and both of his children are within one and two degrees of each other, a powerful alignment and undeniable evidence of planetary heredity.  Mother, Father and children all have the same Midheaven/Nadir axis of Leo/Aquarius, with the Mother's being reversed.  Prince Albert and his children have the same Ascendant, which is indicative of successful succession in a royal line according to Ptolemy:  his 30th Aphorism says that if the king of a nation and his son share the same Ascendant, the son "will succeed his father."  Tetrabiblios, p. 155.  Prince Albert has Gemini rising at 21-degrees; and Jacques has Gemini rising at 23-degrees (with Gabriella one degree away at 22-degrees Gemini).  This should ensure the bloodline, as both the "heir and the spare" have the same Ascendant as the Prince.    


In addition to the lineup of the cardinal points, Father and children both have the same intercepted signs, Aries and Libra, and the same "double duty" signs, Leo and Aquarius (thank you, Bob Marx, for this insightful appellation and the excellent explanation on your website).  Monaco is a principality and its ruler does not have unlimited power:  Aries' leadership drive is "limited" by being intercepted, but royal Leo and humanitarian Aquarius do "double duty" to compensate for the suppression of power of the intercepted signs through Jacques' future role as beloved royal figurehead for his people.  Although Jacques is the official heir, his sister will be right there to do "double duty" and will likely provide unconditional support. 


There is a deep spiritual component to this relationship supported by the Father's Sagittarius Saturn supervising the Twins' Sagittarius Sun, Mercury and Venus.  The children will need their Father's guidance and his Saturn close to their Venus suggest a kind, but firm, disciplinarian.  Sagittarius is the philosopher's sign, and Prince Albert has the Sun in Pisces - he will love his role as a father and try to exercise wisdom in gently guiding his children to adulthood.  It will be a joy to watch this family grow.


The Calling of the Blood:  Is Planetary Heredity Predestined?


When a bloodline is very old, like Prince Albert's, I believe it is possible that fate can intervene to work with the stars, perhaps called forth by the power inherent in the bloodline.  Princess Charlene said that the Royal Twins came two weeks early - out of curiosity, I prepared horoscopes for the Twins for the dates of December 20, 2014 and December 24, 2014 - neither date had the Grand Trine, Leo Moon, or shared cardinal points, giving credence to the possibility that the time of birth might have been influenced by fate (or perhaps a royal astrologer).  Is it possible that the urgent nature of the birth was predestined?  Was the narrow window of time for these precious babies to enter the world predestined to protect them and preserve their cosmic connection with the Grimaldi bloodline?  Interestingly, they avoided the Yod and T-Squares in their parents' horoscopes and were instead blessed by a fire Grand Trine.  What does all this mean?




Do you believe in fate?  Do you believe that you have a destiny?  If you do, then it could be possible that planetary heredity might be predestined, especially in the case of certain families who seem to be fated to repeatedly influence the course of history, like the Hapsburgs, the Tudors, and the Stewarts, going back to the Julii family of the Roman Empire.  The hand of fate is upon us all, hand-in-hand with free will.  At the beginning of time, your soul was created.  You are always you.  The moment you take that first breath of searing air, you have arrived on Earth to meet your fate.  How you meet your fate is your choice.  Whatever you choose, whatever you believe, you are the architect of your life.  There is great wisdom in the words of mythical character, Ragnar Lothbrok, star of the History Channel TV series, Vikings:  "On a certain day we are all fated to die, but until then, we are free to do as we will." 


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